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AJ Automedics – MOT & Servicing

All-Inclusive MOT Testing in Durham and North East England

At AJ Automedics, we are proud of the reputation we have gained from providing reliable and efficient MOTs at very competitive prices. Customers new and old come to us on a daily basis for an MOT and often leave being impressed with our price and professionalism. We fully understand that having an MOT done on your vehicle can be quite stressful, so we aim to remove those feelings with some friendly customer service coupled with efficient and reliable work. Through many years of experience, our staff is among the best in the business when it comes to ensuring that a vehicle adheres to safety and legal regulations before passing it.

We understand that getting a new MOT every three years can be a pain, but due to being ideally located, there is plenty you can do nearby while you wait. You could do some shopping, go for some lunch, or visit friends in the area before coming back to collect your car. Whether you live in Durham or anywhere else in the North East of England, our all-inclusive MOT testing will be suitable for you.

MOT fail and retesting

In the unfortunate situation of your vehicle failing its MOT, we will call you to let you know as soon as possible. We will explain the reasons why it failed, what your options are to get any issues resolved, and how much we think it will cost to get it passed another MOT test. On many occasions we can do this the very same day to save you some time however, this will depend on the time of your original test. Call us today or fill out the quick form to book a competitively priced MOT test!

Our reliable car services

Whether you want to have an interim or full service performed on your vehicle, we will have a service plan to suit any budget. We will provide our services efficiently, professionally and will let you know straight away if we discover any faults. We’ll also give you some advice if we feel that any part of your car is on its way out and will need replacing in the near future. We understand that the costs of running a vehicle can be difficult to manage and that it can be tempting to skip out on a service to save some money. However, servicing is very important if you want your vehicle to run efficiently and be safe to drive.

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Providing advice on repairs when you need it

If you’re unsure about which service you need or which would be the best in your current circumstances, our team of highly trained professionals will be able to give you the advice needed. If you just want to ensure that it’s roadworthy or want to give it a complete service as you’re about to sell it, we have you covered. You can trust us to ensure that your vehicle leaves our garage in a much better condition than it was when it first came in.

Get in touch with us at AJ Automedics, the MOT and servicing specialists today, and we will discuss the quality services that we can provide for you! Book online for quality servicing and MOT tests you can trust.